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Thornton Youth Basketball Association

Thornton Youth Basketball Assoc.

TDBL By-Laws

Thornton Youth Basketball Association

November 24th 2018

Article I ­ Title


This organization herein and hereafter shall be known as the Thornton Youth Basketball Association, referred to commonly as TYBA

 Article II ­ Headquarters


The principle headquarters of the TYBA shall be situated in the City of Thornton, CO in Adams County.

 Article III ­ Objectives


The objective of the TYBA is to teach young people the fundamentals of basketball, and the importance of goal-setting, hard work, perseverance and fair-play in overcoming life’s obstacles.

 Article IV ­ Membership


Membership of the TYBA shall consist of each family whose child participates in the TYBA program, or any adult approved by the Board of Directors, who is willing to actively participate in league functions, and who passes a background check.


All adult members in good standing (meaning not suspended or banned from the league) shall be eligible to vote at the annual meeting held in October of each year.


A copy of the by­laws for public viewing on the TYBA website, or a copy will be made available upon request.

Article V ­ Meetings


The regular meetings of the TYBA shall take place monthly between October and May, time and location to be determined.  There will 6 regular monthly meetings in November, December, January, February, March, and May.  There will be the annual meeting in October, and a special monthly meeting in April to discuss how the previous season went.


A special meeting may be called by the President whenever he/she may deem it necessary. A special meeting is defined as any meeting other than the 8 regular monthly meetings, excluding Executive Board meetings, which can be held at any time.


Special meeting notification must be in writing on the TYBA website or by email, seven (7) days in advance, wherever possible.

 Article VI ­ Officers and Elections


A.    The elected officers of the TYBA shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Parent/Player Agent, Facility Director, Safety Director, Director of Officials. 

B.    The appointed officers of the TYBA shall be Member at Large and Division Directors.

1.     These elected officers shall constitute the Board of Directors.

2.    The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall constitute the Executive Board.

2.1. The Executive Board shall be sole custodian of all property and records of the TYBA.

2.2 Shall approve all bills outside of and over (current or anticipated) budgeted cost center ordered paid.

2.3  Responsible for approving the annual budget and general supervision of the financial affairs of the TYBA.

2.4  Elections only occur when a board member steps down or the President asks the board member to resign

The president can remove any board member and anytime as he/she fills its beneficial for TYBA

C.   Each person while acting as a Director, Officer, or Employee of this Association shall be indemnified by the Association against all liability and reasonable expenses incurred by the Director, Officer, or Employee, not to include loss of wages in connection with the defense of any action, suit, or proceeding in which the person is made a party by reason of being a Director, Officer, or Employee of the Association provided (1) said claim, action, suit or proceeding shall be prosecuted to a final determination, and such person shall be vindicated on the merits, or (2) in the absence of such a determination that such person was not guilty of gross negligence, bad faith, willful misfeasance or reckless disregard of the duties involved in the conduct of their office, an independent legal counsel determines, based on a review of the facts, that the person in question was not guilty of same.

D.    The right of indemnification provided herein shall insure to each Director, Officer, or Employee at the time such cost or expenses are imposed or incurred, and in the event of their death shall extend to their legal representative(s).

E.    The Board of Directors shall be responsible to make sure adequate liability insurance is provided for the above.


Any member seeking an elective office must be a voting member of said organization.


A.    Nominations for officers can only be made from the floor by voting members during the annual meeting in October and with election to be held at the next scheduled meeting.

B.    Eligibility of nominees will be verified by the Secretary before the vote takes place.

C.    Nominees must be present to accept the nomination.


A.   All elections held shall be governed by majority or plurality vote of eligible members present Plurality being the largest number of votes obtained in a situation where three or more choices are possible.

B.   Voting method is by voice vote or ballot.

C.   When there is no contest, the Secretary shall cast one ballot for same.

D.   Absentee voting, other than in elections, shall be permitted if said member is absent for illness, death in the family or other catastrophic reason which will be recognized by the President.



All officers and committee chairmen of the TYBA shall have their books, records, files, papers, etc. available at all times for inspection by the Executive Board. All officers upon expiration of their term of office, or from resigning from or upon dismissal from the TYBA shall turn over to their successors in office, or upon demand of this organization, all money, books, records, files, papers or any other matter in their possession which is or may be considered the property of the TYBA.

 Article VII ­ Duties of Officers


A. President

1.     Have the power to call monthly meetings and to conduct the meeting in accordance with these by­laws and parliamentary procedure by Roberts Rules of order.

2.     Shall preside over all meetings and enforce the strict observance of the by­laws.

3.     Advise this organization in its works and proceedings.

4.     See that all officers perform their respective duties.

5.     Decide question of order

6.     Sit as judge and declare the results of all elections.

7.     Appoint all committee chairmen.

8.     Sign all orders

9.     Countersign all checks for new Uniforms, Building or Equipment and any discretionary spend > $500

10. Sign all legal documents of the TYBA. i.e. insurance policies, licenses, etc.

11. Call upon any member for aid or assistance.

12. The President does not vote unless the vote is by ballot. In case of a tie the President can only vote in the affirmative to change the outcome.

13. Responsible for managing (Income/Expense) and administering the General Administration Budget


A. Vice ­ President:

1.     In absence of the President the Vice-Presidents serves in his/her place and assumes all Presidential duties.

2.     If the President vacates his/her chair the Vice President shall assume responsibility in the Presidential role.

3.     Should any vacancy exist in the office of the Vice­ President, for any cause, the unexpired term shall be filled by appointment by the President, with approval of remaining officers, until the next annual election of officers.

4.     Shall be responsible for all public relations matters, working closely with the city of Thornton, and any and all school districts the league is involved with.

5. Shall be responsible for hiring the photography company to do team pictures, and all scheduling affiliated with Picture Day.

6.     Shall be responsible for hiring the uniform vendor to provide the leagues uniforms.

7.     Shall appoint coaches with the approval of the Board of Directors.

8.     Shall dismiss, with the approval of the Executive Board, any coach or Division Director who purposely or knowingly violates these by­laws.

9.     Shall be responsible for managing (Income/Expense) and administering the Daily Operations Budget (Facilities, Web, Pictures, and Uniforms)


A.    Director of Competitive Division

1.     Shall adhere to all of the TYBA By-Laws and Code of Conducts in all dealings with the separate division.

2.     Shall be responsible for the forming of all teams within the competitive division, and the direction of their tournaments and league play.

3.     Shall be responsible for the competitive division's budget and the administration of the budget.  Including but not limited to the annual fee paid to the TYBA for inclusion within the organization.

4.     Shall be responsible for the recruitment of the competitive division.

5.     Shall never recruit from an active TYBA team during TYBA Season, unless the TYBA Board has decried a competitive disadvantage situation.  (See TYBA By-Laws Section)

6.     Shall assist the TYBA in all aspects and operation the TYBA and shall report directly to the President. 

7.     Shall assist the TYBA Coaches and Directors in ensuring that kids are being taught proper fundamentals and techniques, and that each team is receiving the best instruction possible.


A. Treasurer

1.     To collect all monies and deposit same in the bank approved by the Thornton Youth Basketball Association.

2. He/she shall pay no money except on an order or direction by the President.

3.     All payments shall be made by check.

4.     He/she shall keep an accurate record of all money received and paid.

5.     Have all accounts ready for settlement in the month of January of each year.

6.     He/she shall at the expiration of his / her term of office, deliver to his/her successor or other designated person by the elected officer’s property belonging to the TYBA.

7.     Perform other such financial duties as prescribed by this organization.

8.     An annual audit shall be conducted by an independent auditor as directed by the Executive Board.

9.     Shall audit Budget Owners as defined under Article VII and ensure budgets are administered and executed as per plan.


A. Secretary

1.     Record the minutes of all regular meetings.

2.     Make the minutes and organizational documents available to members at reasonable times and places.

3.     Maintain current, accurate copies of all organizational documents.

4.     Maintain a roster of voting members.

5.     Call the roll when required.

6.     In the absence of the secretary the President shall designate another board member to record the minutes.

7.     At the expiration of his/her term of office, shall deliver to his / her successor or other designated person, all property, records and correspondence belonging to the TYBA in his/her possession.


A.   Parent/Player Agent

1.     All Division Directors shall report directly to the Parent/Player Agent.

2.     Shall be the first point of contact for all parents and players.

3.     Shall be the first step in a coach’s grievance/protest/challenge.

4.     Shall be head of the rules committee.

5.     Shall have first say in any disputes involving the TYBA Competition Rule (TYBA By-Laws Section):

6.     Shall ensure that each team has a minimum of two (2) coaches and a maximum of three (3).


A.   Facility Director

1.     Shall assist the Vice President in securing all gym time for practices, games, skill clinics, and scouting combine days.

2.     Shall report directly to the Vice President.

3.     Will work with the city, and the school districts to ensure proper adherence to all rules, guidelines, and requests from such organizations.

4.     Shall schedule and supervise all basketball team practices.

5.     Shall ensure that every coach carries a copy of the gym use permit when in the gym at all times.  No Permit, no practice, no exceptions.  Will perform random audits.

6.     He/she shall strictly enforce and adhere to the objectives of the TYBA as listed in Article III.

7.     Coordinate all phases of the program with approval of the Board of Trustees.

8.     Schedule the basketball games and may register each of the team’s candidates.

9.     Responsible for managing (Income/Expense) and administering the Facility Budget.


A.   Safety Director

1.     Shall strictly enforce the “Fan Code of Conduct” that every family must sign upon the first day of the league.

2.     Shall report directly to the Vice President.

3.     Ensure that all coaches possess a Heads Up concussion certification or the equivalent thereof.

4.     He/she shall strictly enforce and adhere to the objectives of the TYBA as listed in Article III.

5.     Shall hire any security required for games or events.

6.     Responsible for managing (Income/Expense) and administering the Safety Budget.


A.    Director of Officials

1.     Shall be directly responsible for the hiring, scheduling, and administration of all Referees.

2.     Shall be directly responsible for the hiring, scheduling, and adminstration of all score keeping staff.

3.     Shall be directly responsible for the training, educating, and adjustments for both the referees and the scorekeepers.

4.     Shall be the first point of contact for any disputes involving the referees or scorekeepers.

5.     Shall have first say in any disputes involving the referees or scorekeepers.


A.   Member At Large

1.     Support the members of the Board of Directors in the facilitation and execution of the TYBA in adherence to its rules, by-laws, and integrity.

2.     Assist in Registrations, Scouting Combines, DevBall! Camps, and any other TYBA Event as needed.

3.     Shall act as independent arbitrator on any disputes not resolved by the TYBA Board of Trustees.  Whether by stalemate, or dispute by general membership.

4.     He/She shall strictly enforce and adhere to the objectives of the TYBA as listed in Article III.


A.   Division Directors

1.     Shall serve as a single point of contact for all coaches, players, and parents in the assigned division which he/she presides over.

2.     Shall attempt to resolve any non-safety related matter at his/her level before escalating to the Board of Directors.

3.     He/She shall strictly enforce and adhere to the objectives of the TYBA as listed in Article III.

Article X ­ Order of Business

1. Call meeting to order

2. Reading and approval of minutes

3. Treasurer’s report

4. Reading of communications

5. Reports and their disposal

6. Unfinished business

7. New business

8. Announcements

9. Programs

10. Anything for the good of the organization

11. Adjournment

 Article XI ­ Participation of Basketball Teams


A.    Participation shall be extended to youths of the grade as determined by the TYBA Rules for each division.

B.     Requirements:

1.      All basketball players must have a physical examination from the current year and be declared physically sound by providing a signed statement by a physician.  This document must be submitted to the coach on the first day of practice.  No practice is allowed without this document on hand in the coaches folder.

2.      All basketball players must submit a signed consent by his/her parent/legal guardian.  (Acknowledging the waiver on the registration process is considered signed consent.)

3.      All basketball players must submit a signed TYBA Code Of Conduct signed by his/her parent/legal guardian. (The Code Of Conduct will be handed out during the first practice of the year, and must be returned to the coach before the first game.  The form will be returned to the coach and kept in the coaches folder.  The coaches folder must be available upon request at any TYBA Event.  Any player that does not have a code of conduct upon inspection will be removed from the game, and subject to an investigation.)

4.      All basketball players must initially submit a school record (report card, transcript, or any document that is proof positive of grade) to provide eligibility for the grade requirement of each division. (This must be submitted to the coach at the first day of practice, and kept in the coaches folder.  The coaches folder must be available upon request at any TYBA Event.)

5.      Basketball players may choose to play UP a grade division, if parent/legal guardian consent is given, however no player shall allowed to play DOWN a grade division.


A.   All Coaches and Players, shall be volunteers.

B.   Every reasonable attempt shall be made to engage qualified, mature and experienced Coaches.  All Coaches and other representatives of the TYBA shall serve at the discretion of the Board of Directors, and may relieved of their duties for any conduct that the board feels may be detrimental to the goals of the Association.  The Board of Directors has all rights to deny any coach from returning to the league.


A.    Teams will be established (provided there are enough available players and coaches) in the following divisions according to the player’s grade. 

1.      Developmental-Division: Grades K, 1 & 2.

2.      Elementary School-Division: Grades 3, 4, & 5.

3.      Middle School-Division: Grades 6, 7, & 8.

4.      Open Division: Open to all Ages, but played at High School Level Or Comp Team.

B.     All TYBA teams shall play wearing the uniform provided to the players as a part of the registration fee.  (With the exception of the Open Division, which allows comp teams.  Those teams are allowed to wear their own uniforms.) No Coach or team representative may make any changes to the uniform, or require any player to purchase any uniform other than the required uniform supplied by the League.


A.    Every reasonable attempt shall be made to engage qualified and competent referees.  Each official will be responsible for knowing the official rules of the Colorado State High School Association issued each year by CHSAA.

B.     Additional rules developed to promote a developmental atmosphere, and rules that may be specific to various Grade Level Divisions and skill levels shall be developed by the Board of Directors and issued to each Coach prior to the start of the season. (Outlined in the TYBA Game Rules)

C.    The Referee shall have complete authority on the court and is responsible for upholding and enforcing the rules of the game.  Mutual respect between Coaches and Referees is essential.


A.    Each team shall have the ability to “freeze” a maximum of three players, coaches may freeze a 4th player for a $100 fee! 


A.    All players with the exception of a ‘frozen’ player, will be placed into, and distributed to the teams via a blind draft or via the Scouting Combine Open Draft.  Late registrants will be placed on teams by the appropriate Grade Division Representative subject to the President and Vice-Presidents approval.  The distribution of such players shall whenever possible be in accordance with fair play, and shall be made to enrich the TYBA’s talent and league balance.


A.    No team shall consist of less than five (5) players or more than ten (10) players with the “target” number of players for each team- being eight (8).

A. Refunds can be issued until registraion Closes..  After the Registration is closed, there are no refunds for any reasons.  The league incurs expenses associated with every player, and we do not get refunds on those expenses, so we are not able to offer refunds once registration closes.

 Article XII ­ Pre and Post Season Activities


All pre and post season activities shall be directed by the Board of Directors and supervised by no less than 2 Board Members at all times.

 Article XIII­ Grievances


A.    Any member of the organization that has a grievance should submit it in writing to any Board member or appropriate official.

B.     All grievances will be resolved by the Board of Directors or other appropriate official.

C.    Disciplinary action involving a suspension of a basketball player, coach, or fan for more than one game must be approved by the Executive Board.

D.    All in game protests, grievances, or complaints must observe the 24 hour cool-down rule.  (You must wait 24 hours from the time of the event, before submitting in writing to your Divisional Director with the complaint.)  Anyone protesting, grieving, or complaining about a game, a referee, coach, or board member on game day will be directed to the website to read Article XIII Section I, Letter D.

 Article XIV ­ General League Information


A.    The fiscal year of this Association shall begin December 1 and shall end November 30 of each year.

B.     The “Colorado Corporate Report’ form CR-1, must be filed with the Colorado Department of State prior to May 1 of each year.  Failure to file will cause the League to lose its non-profit corporate status.

C.    Along with the filing of the CR-1 form, a DF1 form should be filed to change the name of the registered agent if such a change is needed.

D.    The Executive Board shall establish fees for the ensuing season.

E.     Fees shall be sufficient to provide for necessary operating expenses of the TYBA, and the proper maintenance of its property, and such fees shall be made payable by the dates established in conjunction with the season.

F.     Neither fees nor any part thereof shall be refunded in the event of suspension of a player for disciplinary reasons, nor for any unforeseen emergency requiring temporary or permanent suspension of competitive activity.

G.    No fees will be paid to TYBA Players or Coaches for services rendered, except where such services are deemed relative to clinics and are approved by the Board of Directors.

Article XV Compliance with State Law and Severability


These Bylaws were drafted in compliance with the provisions of article 20, Chapter 31, Colorado Revised Statutes 1953.  Any conflict between these Bylaws and the Laws of the State of Colorado, the latter will control.


If any Article, Section, or provision of these Bylaws is found to be invalid, the omission or invalidation thereof shall not invalidate the remaining provisions.

 Article XVI Amendments, Repeals, etc.


The Constitution and By Laws of the TYBA can be amended or repealed upon two (2) readings of suggested amendment or repeal at consecutive regular meetings with a vote to take place at a third meeting.  All proposed changes must be in writing at the first meeting in which it is read.

Article XVII Competition and Parity


All attempts to make the league as even and fair as possible will be made at all times.  The TYBA Board of Directors will make every attempt to create parity and fair play within each division.  In some cases, a child who demonstrates exceptional skill or talent could be asked to play up into the higher division.  This will help foster that child’s natural talent, as well as help even the playing field for the rest of the players.  Each case will be handled on a case by case scenario, and no ruling shall set precedence for the next.


Reporting Improper Conduct

Thornton Youth Basketball provides a email list on its website to allow coaches, players, parents, spectators, and officials to report any issues they observe before, during, or after practices and games. To report Code of Conduct violations and Offensive Actions to TYBA Program Directors within 24 hours of the issue.

A. Reporting By Coaches

I. It is the responsibility of every coach to address improper conduct observed by the coach or brought to the coach’s attention in a timely and respectful manner.

II. In the event any coach feels that the TYBA Program Directors should be involved in addressing any improper conduct, the coach is encouraged to contact them.

III. Coaches must report any Offensive Actions to the TYBA Program Directors, including, without limitation:

1) Any report or allegation of inappropriate physical contact, violence, or threatened violence against any player, coach, official, parent, spectator, or TYBA staff.

2) Any observed or reported use of drugs or alcohol by any player, coach, official, parent, or spectator during any TYBA event.

3) Any situation where a player, coach, parent, or spectator is ejected from a game or removed from the premises.

IV. Coaches are encouraged to keep the TYBA Program Directors informed of any improper conduct and the steps taken by the coach to address the misconduct, even if the coach is not required to report the misconduct to the .

V. Coaches shall promptly respond to any request by the TYBA Program Directors for information relating to any incident or violation of the Code of Conduct.

B. Reporting by Parents and Spectators

I. Parents and spectators are encouraged to report any improper conduct to the coach and/or the TYBA Program Directors.

II. If a parent or spectator reports misconduct to the coach and feels that the misconduct is not appropriately addressed, the parent or spectator is encouraged to contact the TYBA Program Directors .

2. Procedures for Addressing Improper Conduct

A. Coaches and Officials

I. Coaches and officials shall promptly address any misconduct that is observed or brought to the attention of the coach or official during an TYBA event.

II. Coaches and officials have the absolute authority, in their sole discretion, to issue verbal warnings and/or eject any player, parent, or spectator from any game or match if the player, parent, or spectator violates the Code of Conduct or engages in any Offensive Action.

III. Officials have the absolute authority to issue verbal warnings and/or eject any coach from any game or match if the coach violates the Code of Conduct or engages in any Offensive Action.

B. TYBA Program Directors

I. The TYBA Program Directors will conduct a timely and reasonable investigation into any misconduct reported to the TYBA Program Directors. The scope of any investigation will be determined by the TYBA Program Directors in its sole discretion, provided, however, that the Directors will provide any person accused of misconduct a reasonable opportunity to be heard.

. After a reasonable investigation, the TYBA Program Directors will determine the appropriate penalty for any violation of this Code of Conduct and any Offensive Action.

1) Penalties will be based on the nature and severity of the violation.

2) The TYBA Program Directors will strive to treat all similar offenses in a similar manner, while taking into account the individual facts and circumstances of each violation.

3) The TYBA Program Directors will not discriminate in any manner in determining whether to impose a penalty or in determining which penalty to impose.

III. The TYBA Program Directors will keep reasonable and appropriate records of each reported violation, and shall document each penalty and the reasons for imposing the penalty.

All decisions of the TYBA Program Directors are final and cannot be appealed.

1. Penalties

The TYBA Program Directors shall determine the appropriate penalty for any violation of the Code of Conduct and any Offensive Actions. Penalties may include any one or more of the following:

A. Verbal Warning ( One Tech) Player sits till half or the Reminder of the game

B. Written Warning

C. Suspension:

I. One game suspension ( Two Techs) and Meet with TYBA Program Directors

II. Multiple game suspension,( Three Techs and TYBA Executive Officers decide on proper outcome for the league.

III. Indefinite suspension

D. Expulsion from TYBA

2. Additional Considerations

A. If a coach or parent is expelled from the league, any child associated with that person is also expelled from the league.

B. If a player is suspended from TYBA, they cannot participate in TYBA for the duration of their suspension. If a player is expelled from the TYBA, they cannot participate in TYBA. If they are currently on a team, they will be removed from that team.

C. Behavior of players may also subject them to discipline under the TYBA code of conduct.

D. There are no refunds as a result of any person being removed from the league.

                                                            Article XVIII ADA Procedures

A) Title lll of the ADA Requires public accommodations, including youth sports leagues, to reasonably modify TYBA policies, practices & Procedures, when such modifications are necessary to afford their goods, services ,facilities ,privileges, advantages or accommodations to individuals with disabilities and when such modifications would not fundamentally alter the nature of their natures of their goods ,services, facilities, privileges, advantages or accommodations. 

B) The ADA defines a person with disability as having a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities such as caring for ones self, performing manual task, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning and working, 

C)Thornton youth basketball welcomes all athletes to participate in youth basketball regardless of race, disability, religion, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation. IF your athlete has a disability and would like to request a special accommodation or inclusion support please contact Dawnnetta Fernandez @ 720-309-2507 at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the TYBA season!


*Refund Policy

Thornton Youth Basketball Association (TYBA) has a strict No Refund policy once registration closes.

· Requests for credits to future seasons for cancellations beyond our control must be sent to TYBA Program Directors no later than 2 weeks prior to the beginning of seasonal play.

· Requests after the deadline will NOT be approved, regardless of the circumstances.

· Requests must be emailed and include an explanation of the reason for the credit requested.

· No refunds will be made for cancellations due to inclement weather, gym closures, injuries, or any other circumstances beyond our control.

· TYBA Program Directors have the right to refuse and or deny refunds until the TYBA Executive Officers of the board come to a agreement on the outcome.

· In some extreme customer service circumstances a partial refund may be granted by TYBA Executive Officers of the board.(ONLY)

Recreational player registration fee: $175

*Refund Processing Policy

· If the initial registration was paid for by credit card, the refund will be processed back to that same credit card.

· If initial registration was paid by check, a check will be issued to the member information on record.

· If initial registration was paid by a credit, the same credit will be placed on the account with a 3 month expiration date for its use.

--TYBA 2023 Board Members--

President/ ADA; Dawnetta Fernandez 

CO Vice Presidents ;     Tabby / Aaron

Secretary / Website; Thomas Acevedo

Treasurer; Jamie Gregory

Parent / Player Agent; Craig Castillo

Safety Directors; All Board Members

Scorer Table Director; Tabby

Director of Officials; Tabby

Member at Large; Cliff / Rick Gonzales

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